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Oficina Full-time
Development 2-5 años
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Job description

Our client is a company creating a disruptive product for the marine industry, contributing to safe and efficient navigation. 

They are looking for a talented React Developer that can help them build the future of boating. 

This team builds the user interfaces and chart rendering systems that run on iOS and Android devices. This team is also responsible for their serverless backend, mobile CI, and their e-commerce site.

The cross-functional nature of the team provides many different ways for you to make an impact. These will be the challenges you will frequently face:

  • Build world-class UI and UX experiences end-to-end
  • Empathize with, and deeply understand our end-users
  • Solve complex challenges related to the rendering of marine charts
  • Handle WiFi and Bluetooth communication with our navigation peripheral
  • Gracefully handle offline, online, and flaky connectivity scenarios
  • Build mechanisms to collect behavioral data from our users
  • Develop algorithms and functionality to assist with navigation, such as collision avoidance

You will get the opportunity to contribute to solutions across our entire front-end stack and deliver direct value to the user.

If you like challenges in mapping, algorithms, location-based systems, and app scalability, and have a drive for building well-crafted consumer experiences, then this is the place for you. Expect to dive into a modern codebase and start contributing from day one.

You must be responsible, flexible, effective, and able to thrive in a dynamic environment.

  • Skilled with TypeScript, React Native, React, and related frameworks
  • Able to plan, architect, and build experiences end-to-end promptly
  • Great at simplifying complex problems, breaking them down into smaller bits, and releasing value incrementally
  • Fast learner, and detail-oriented
  • Have a track record of delivering great and scalable consumer-facing applications
  • Uphold great engineering standards around testing, documentation, and maintaining
  • Experienced with, or able to quickly pick up: PostGIS, Mapbox stack, and general GIS concepts
  • Experienced with, or able to quickly pick up: Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, and/or Swift
  • Have excellent communication, collaboration, reporting, analytical, and problem-solving skills

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