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Oferta de empleo Front End Engineer en Remoto

Vizzuality en Remote (Spain, Portugal, UK)

Empleo de Front End Engineer en Vizzuality
Front End Engineer
30.000 € - 40.000 €
Frontend Javascript JQuery ReactJS Testing

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Descripción de la oferta

We are looking for a Front End Engineer who is passionate about using their knowledge, creativity, and technical skills to make products that encourage positive social change.


The job is for a full-time contract and we are offering between 30 - 40K Euros (Mid Level).


We have operations in Spain, Portugal and the UK, and at this moment in time everyone in the Vizzuality team is working from home. So you will be very welcome to join us if you live and are eligible to work in any of these 3 countries. 


Would you like to be part of Vizzuality’s story?


Are you motivated by the desire to help build a sustainable planet for all life on Earth? Are you looking for a new opportunity?


Vizzuality’s purpose is to reach a fair and sustainable planet by creating tools that radically empower people to make positive changes now.


We are a world-leading technology agency based in Madrid, Cambridge, and Porto. We design and develop data-driven tools and applications for international organisations who focus on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Inequality.


Solving such large and complex problems will bring you into contact with new technology and some of the world’s most interesting organisations and academics in machine learning, remote sensing, and planetary data.


Our Culture “This is how we do things here”


Our aim is to help the world become a better place, therefore we need to make sure we care about our people and give them the power to build great things. These are some of the things that define our culture:


We Trust: 

  • Our team structure relies on self-organisation. 

  • We want to work with colleagues who don't have to look ‘up’ for approval, nor look ‘down’ and give instructions. 

  • As soon as you step inside, we will provide you with the best tools and technology, and then we will trust you to do great things. 

We Care: 

  • For ourselves, our colleagues, the organisation. 

  • We know what we do is important and we have a strong sense of responsibility for the work we do. 

We Grow: 

  • As we are always embarking on new projects and challenges, a continuous learning mindset and a “Can Do” attitude is a must 

  • We are conscientious, we focus on learning and achieving our goals

  • We give power to people so they can make decisions, and plot their own paths with help from all around them

We have fun: 

  • We also know that you need to balance seriousness with fun. 

  • If you can make people smile you will be off to a great start!


A day in the life of a Front End Engineer


These are some of the things you will be doing in your first year at Vizzuality


In your first month:

  • You’ll learn about all the projects and the stack we use in each of them.

  • You’ll familiarise yourself with much of the lifecycle of a project.

  • You’ll have time to learn the various software systems we use for managing people, tasks and projects and contribute to project meetings.

  • You’ll get to know people from other functional teams: research, design, science, back-end and business development, and understand how our role interfaces with theirs.

During the following months:

  • You will work closely with all other functional areas within the company from the start of the project lifecycle until the end.

  • You will share ideas and collaborate closely with team members.

  • You will learn about the methodologies in place and you will have the opportunity to suggest improvements.

By the end of the first year:

  • You will help improve production pipelines, help find more efficient ways to work and solve exciting technical challenges.

  • You will create charts and interactive graphics to make complex datasets understandable and support the creation of high-impact data visualizations from your prototypes.

  • You may communicate your work to external audiences through a variety of formats including blogs, conference presentations and more.


These are some of the skills and experiences we are looking for in a candidate

(*) Even if you think you don't tick all the boxes below, we'd still love to hear from you. Nobody checks every box, and we are looking for someone excited to join the team and aligned with our purpose!

Must-have skills and experience:

  • Solid knowledge on state management for large projects (ex: React Query, Redux, Sagas)

  • Experience with front end frameworks (i.e. NextJS, CreateReactApp)

  • Basic knowledge developing single page applications

  • Familiarity with JavaScript module loaders and front-end build tools (ie. Webpack)

  • Some understanding of unit testing & e2e testing

Nice to have skills & experience.  Anything else to impress us? If you have some experience in any of the points below, we would love to hear more about it in your application.

  • Familiarity with Typescript (we are currently in the process to make this our main language) and/or Node.js and Express

  • Understanding of Server Side Rendering and Progressive Web apps

  • Experience working and collaborating with other teams/profiles (i.e. Design, Data Science, Business Development, Product).

  • Willingness and some experience in mentoring and helping others grow and develop. 


We are a Self-Managed Organisation: Along with the above described technical skills, and regardless of your seniority level, below you will find some characteristics that make people successful in an organisation like ours:

  • Passion: You are passionate about climate change, biodiversity and/or social inequality, and driven by our purpose when it comes to achieving a sustainable and fair future.

  • Motivation: The ambition to excel in the pursuit of unselfish, collective goals; deep personal humility and a focus on self improvement.

  • Curiosity: The instinct to seek new experiences, knowledge and feedback with an openness to learning and change.

  • Insight: The ability to gather and make sense of information that suggests new possibilities.

  • Engagement: The capacity to use emotion and reason to communicate a persuasive vision and connect with people.

  • Determination: The ability to fight for difficult goals despite challenges.


Compensation, Benefits & Growth “This is what you get when you join Vizzuality”


Our compensation and benefits are part of a great career opportunity with the potential for you to grow and work in something with a massive transformational purpose. So if you really care about the real-world impact of your work and are inspired by our mission to transform the world, we can offer you:


Compensation & Benefits:

  • A competitive salary. We are offering for this role between 30K - 40K Euros. This range it's only an indication and we will agree together your final salary based on your specific experience. 

  • A yearly bonus up to 10% of the salary, depending on the company's performance and your own.

  • If you are based in Spain or Portugal, you will get Health & Dental Insurance subsidised by the company.

  • Mental health support via Spill, our third party provider, to connect you with qualified counsellors and curated resources.

  • 22 Holiday Days + 1 Day for your birthday.

Work and Personal Life Integration:

  • We have a remote-friendly culture with teammates located across four countries and 10 cities. We run all our meetings online, and create opportunities for the online experience to be better every day.

  • We offer a flexible work environment and flexible hours, and as long as you do what you have to do, meet your objectives and coordinate accordingly with your team, we are not so worried if you work at the office, in a coffee shop, on your sofa at home, or at the beach!

Learning and working on new and interesting things is fun so we offer many opportunities to do so:

  • A training allowance of 1300 €/year for courses, workshops, conferences or meetups of your choice, including travel and lodging.

  • Get your hands on cool technology and applications to do your work, communicate, and build great things.

  • You will work alongside a talented team of engineers, designers, and scientists with multiple backgrounds and skills.

  • Peer mentoring.

  • You will have the freedom to design a career path that suits your interests and growth needs.

  • Support for giving talks and contributing to open source projects/initiatives that align with Vizzuality.


Recruitment Process Overview


Do you have what it takes to change the world? If after reading the description of the role, you like our culture and you believe you have what it takes to join Vizzuality, please send us your application. 


This is how the recruitment process looks like and also some suggestions for you to include and consider in your application.


Basic Requirements:

  • Having a legal permit to work in Spain/Portugal/UK is mandatory and required, so make sure to state and confirm you are eligible to work in one of our offices. 

  • In other words, even if you match all requirements for the role and have the best skills, if you don't have the legal permit to work in one of our offices, we won't be able to include you in the recruitment process.


Application: 12 - 25 April

  • Send us your CV and Cover Letter, explaining why you would like to work with us and what you can bring to the team. 

  • Please include any samples of your work and projects you find relevant to the offer. 

  • Fluent English is really important to us, so if it’s not your first language please demonstrate your abilities in your CV and Cover Letter.


First Screener:  10-21 May

  • This is a 60 minute informal interview so you can get to know a bit better the company, our culture and ask any questions about the role and our ways of working. 

  • From our side, we are interested in understanding more about what you are looking for and what you care about.


Coding Challenge: 24 May to 4 June

  • We will invite you to complete an assignment to understand more how you work, reason and solve problems through a coding challenge.

  • We will send you the challenge for you to work at home, and then we will ask you to send us back your submission in 1 week so we can review it in preparation for the next stage.


Interview: 7 - 11 June

  • This will  be an opportunity for you to share in more detail your assignment and explain to us the reasons behind your challenge and the decisions you made.

  • During this interview there will be time to deep-dive into your background, experience and skills, and also an opportunity for you to ask us questions about the role and the company.


Informal Catch Up with the Team: 14-18 June

  • During the last stage of the process the idea is to offer you a final opportunity to get to know more people on the team (not just Front End or HR people) so you can make a more informed decision.

  • You will be meeting online people from different areas/levels/countries, so you can get an idea of what different people in the company do, how we organise ourselves, our typical day to day, or any other info you may want to get first hand.


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