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Full-Stack Developer en Remoto

Indomit en Barcelona

Empleo de Full-Stack Developer en Indomit
Full-Stack Developer
28.000 € - 30.000 €
php postgresql docker symfony aws s3 front-end back-end beanstalk rds tailwind css

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Descripción de la oferta

About us:


Our goal is to activate the word-of-mouth efficacy into social media to democratize the “power of influence” regardless of the number of followers on Instagram.


Indomit is a tech startup founded in March 2020 that introduces to the market a new solution to scale e-commerce’s word-of-mouth strategies. Indomit is a platform that automates Brand Ambassadors programs on Instagram. We are a performance marketing company. 


Our solution helps brands increase their brand awareness on Instagram, drive referral sales and obtain User-Generated Content by automating brand ambassadors actions and rewards. Our customers buy our solution because we save them time and money, they can measure and control their investment in this channel and it’s super easy-to-use.


About the role:


We are looking for enthusiast entrepreneurs that want to change the way e-commerce brands use their social media channels in order to build their own brand community to generate real and measurable impact on their business. We need a person that can build a software that’s easy to use for our clients and most importantly, that generates engagement to keep using it day after day. This person will be responsible for developing all the software and taking care both backend and frontend. He will be responsible for the Tech department and in direct coordination with the co-founders in the product development.




  • Participate in the design and implementation of different application modules.

  • Follow best practices (Refactoring, code standards, testing)

  • Responsible for the Tech department

  • Integrations with Social Media platforms

  • Integrations with e-commerce platforms


Application stack:

PHP / Symfony

AWS (Beanstalk, S3, RDS)



Tailwind CSS



Experience with Symfony or other modern PHP frameworks

Experience in deploying applications in AWS

Experience working with Facebook or other API integrations

Experience working with Webpack and CSS frameworks

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